Our mission: murder

Our mission: murder

This is the “Murderhungry Blog”, an experiment to develop an app in public. Everything here will be about the creation of “Murderhungry”, an app for writing, organizing and hosting murder mystery parties.

My wife Babs and I love hosting murder mystery parties. The costumes, the decorations, the cooking, the fun of role playing, the “dark secrets” and the fun trying to figure out who might be the murderer. But we never liked the process of organizing the event the traditional way. There are too many manual steps:

  • Phone or mail everyone to fill the roles and find a date
  • Send printed invitations by snail mail.
  • Reassign roles and reorganize when someone drops out.
  • Make sure everbody brings their booklet at the night of the event.
  • Make sure nobody cheats and reads ahead…

And when you write the story yourself:

  • Layout a booklet for each role
  • Print, cut and fold…

An app could simplify most of that. There are already some apps, but none of them really cuts it. And none of them allows you to write your own stories. That’s why we decided to write our own app. And we would love to learn what features you would want in that app. Let us know in the comments.

And that’s it, that’s why I’m here eager to get your feedback on “Murderhungry”. Is it worth my time and yours? Is it something that would help you organize and host a murder mystery party, or even write one yourself?

And if you’d like updates about how the project is coming along, signup for our mailing list.

toni I'm Toni Epple, a software developer who loves hosting murder mystery parties based in Munich, Germany. I'm the creator of the Murderhungry Blog and hopefully the App.
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