Time travellers in Germany

Time travellers in Germany

Progress! We’re happy to announce that we’ve reached our next milestone. In the latest version of the app, the stories are multilingual. So when you load an adventure, the app checks for your language and chooses the right translation of you. If there’s no localized version available, the app falls back to English.

As always you can check out the current version of the app here:


Our plan is to translate adventures from other countries. We#äre really excited about that. I recently checked out some American murder mystery party sets and the stories are completely different from the games we play in Germany. Here in Germany most stories are variations of Agatha Christie novels. Don’t get me wrong, I like the classics, but it gets boring when you’re invited to the third variation of “Murder on the Orient Express” ;-). I’m really eager to check out crazy stories with aliens and time travellers.

toni I'm Toni Epple, a software developer who loves hosting murder mystery parties based in Munich, Germany. I'm the creator of the Murderhungry Blog and hopefully the App.
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